DEX Products Pregnancy Pillow PP-01

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DEX Products Pregnancy Pillow PP-01 review

Pillow For all Body Special:DEX Products Pregnancy Pillow PP-01

Customer Rating :
Rating: 3.8

List Price : $10.00
Price : $10.00

Pillow For all Body Special

Product Description

The Pregnancy Pillow Deluxe supports your stomach to get a good night's sleep while you are expectant. Sleeping on your side, with plenty of support for baby, allows maximum flow of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta and can help minimize swelling of ankles, hands, and feet. The wedge design provides a gentle cradling effect to promote maximum comfort. After your baby is born, you can use it as a support for baby when you're breastfeeding lying down.

Editorial Review

This is baby's very first pillow--the one Mom needs in the third trimester, when "the bulge" has already taken up half the bed. It's a simple 12-by-11-inch wedge of foam, 4 inches thick at one end and tapering to nothing at the other. It has a medium blue cotton cover with a Velcro closure that makes it easy to remove for washing. The idea that it would make much of a nursing pillow is a little farfetched, though--not big enough and the wrong shape. --Richard Farr

  • Gentle angle cradles your stomach in comfort
  • Extra-soft, breathable flannel
  • Carefully constructed of fire-retardant foam
  • Supports baby during breastfeeding too
  • Completely machine-washable cover

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